Martha wasn’t sure about the relocation to Libertyville

Martha had to admit she was not having fun at her job last fall.

The work had become quite monotonous, and she barely felt excited going into the office anymore.

In addition, business wasn’t great, and so there wasn’t that much to do. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Martha opted to do something different. She began searching online for job opportunities. She aimed to switch companies and see if she’d feel better. The following month, she heard back from one of the companies and went in for an interview. A week after the interview, Martha was called back and informed she had the job. It was a better position with a good package. However, it was in Libertyville. That meant Martha had to decide whether she wanted to relocate to the area or not. And she only had a few weeks to make the decision. Martha wasn’t sure about the idea and spoke to her dad about it. Her dad knew she wasn’t happy and encouraged her to relocate and have an adventure. Martha did just that and moved to Libertyville just before the snow fell. She was quite relieved to be settled before winter and had an excellent air conditioner to keep her new home warm. She couldn’t wait to report to work and start her new job. Once, it was time to go to work. Martha felt a little nervous. The whole movie had happened so fast that she didn’t have time to contemplate the impact of the change. It meant she had to make new friends and build a different life in the new location. There were equal parts of fear and excitement when she walked into the office building.

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