Updating to zone control

When my husband and I bought a historic cabin in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we were cheerful by the hardwood floors, ornate moldings and wide front porch… My associate and I never considered how difficult the high ceilings, big windows and several room would be for temperature control. The winters in Minneapolis bring frequent hot and cold temperatures in the single digits, however it’s not unusual to experience sub zero conditions. While the summer time weather isn’t quite as severe, the temperature climbs into the mid eighties and brings high humidity. The cost of keeping a comfortable cabin contributes to approximately fifty percent of energy expenses, despite paying excessively costly utility bills, not every room in the cabin felt comfortable. There were areas that were consistently chilly and others that tended to become overheated. With a single thermostat handling the demands of the whole house, there was no way to answer these concerns… Plus, the upstairs of the cabin tended to be warmer than the downstairs. There are also several rooms we never use. My associate and I were paying to keet and cool empty living space. I finally consulted with a local Minneapolis HVAC corporation about the problem; He proposed updating to zone control. Fortunately, our furnace, cooling system and air duct were current enough to accommodate the improvement, but a series of valves were installed into the air duct to direct airflow. My associate and I now have thermostats mounted in the individual rooms that allow customized temperature settings. The difference has been amazing. My associate and I are saving a significant amount of cash on weekly energy bills. There is far less wear and tear on the heating and cooling system and yet my family is much more comfortable, then each family member is able to adjust temperature in their study room to their preference.

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