Taking energy saving measures

I moved to Birminham, AL, nearly ten years ago, however i relocated to the section because of a job opportunity.

I knew no one in the town as well as was not common with any of the attractions.

I was cheerful to discover Hillsboro Trail, the Moss Rock Festival as well as Red Mountain Park. I just appreciate kayaking as well as paddle boarding on the Cahaba River… Birmingham offers a diversity of possibilities because of the landscape as well as four distinct seasons, then there are an average of 213 sunny afternoons per year. My pal and I can expect about 26 inches of rain as well as around one inch of snow. The winter time temperature drops down into the thirties. The Summer season brings afternoons in the mid nineties, then while I spend as much time outdoors as possible, keeping a comfortable living environment is pressing. Both heating as well as cooling are requirements. The cost of running the furnace as well as air conditioner adds up hastily. In an effort to minimize energy waste, I’ve made a mission of tightening up the home. I’ve invested into Energy Star rated windows as well as doors. I’ve installed ceiling fans to help push heat down from the ceiling over the winter time as well as create a cooling effect in the summer! Caulking as well as insulating have also helped to create an effective thermal envelope. While I’ve managed to reduce the workload of the heating as well as cooling systems, my energy saving measures have also eliminated essential ventilation. When I started having problems with musty smells, airborne dust as well as other air quality troubles, I asked a Birmingham Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation for advice! He suggested a whole-apartment air cleaner.

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