Snowmelt system for Lowell winters

In Lowell, Massachusetts it snows quite a bit.

The winter season arrives early and doesn’t let up.

I am used to shoveling feet of snow and dealing with ice. During the winter getting to work is a mess. I shovel a path, push snow off my car, and then deice it. It takes me around twenty extra minutes in the morning. I just hate it. Recently I started looking for solutions. I found an automatic car start and a snowmelt system were ideal. I already owned a boiler system for home heating in Lowell. Now all I have to do is add piping to the obiler and have it stretched to my driveway. The piping goes under the blacktop or cement. Then the boiler heats water that flows through the pipes to create a heating effect. It then heats the driveway to the point that the snow melts once it hits it. Then you never have to shovel. Another benefit to having a snowmelt system ist that since my car is sitting on a heated surface, no ice adheres to the windshield. I don’t have to preheat my car for melting purposes or to be better to the engine. Also I get a freshly melted path to my car every morning. Having a snowmelt system has saved me time, energy, and effort. I really enjoy being able to make something in Lowell a lot easier than before. Changing to a snowmelt system was very simple too. I recommend it to anyone who lives in cold states like Massachusetts.


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