I love the Elgin cold

I have moved around a lot plus have finally settled in Elgin, IL of all places! My family is downright astonished since they live down south.

They deal with warm hot plus cold temperatures for most of the year.

The sun comes early plus doesn’t let up. They get summer-like conditions in the middle of the winter, basically For about two months it gets a little cold. Not like Elgin though. Their cold days might get into the 30s, then i can get into the teens separate from splitting a sweat. My summer time season isn’t all that impressive either, a few days in the 79s is about it. My family worries about AC plus keeping cool most of the year. I haven’t bothered with an air conditioner. I am all about heating. I make sure that my gas boiler plus fireplace are ready for the long season, while my family thinks this seems horrible, I feel I am living a better life. I cherish being cold over too hot. I like that I can sled, snow mobile, plus snowboard. I like going ice skating plus seeing hockey teams in their rink. The cold also is more holiday themed. The summer time season is just long plus warm enough for me. It is overheated enough that I open up my dwelling plus let the fresh breeze roll in. I air everything out, introducing some sweet odoring, fresh air. Then I am fantastic to go for another year, and elgin is such a safe, small village feel as well. I wouldn’t give it up for all the money in the world.

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