Time your trip to FL with the weather

It is funny even though I have lived in FL for about five years and I have always wanted to go to St, but petersburg, and it isn’t that far, maybe a three hour drive.

  • It just seemed honestly hard to get there in my head, but one day I mentioned to my partner that I always wanted to visit there.

I wanted to sit on the beach in a swanky hotel. I wanted to shop, go to the spa, and maybe walk around the town of St. Petersburg, then my partner was astonished at how cheap and doable my dream location was, for my anniversary my buddy and I went to St. Petersburg. My partner gambled, played a round of gold, and got a massage. I got a facial, laid on the beach, and hit the fitness center. It was a good trip for the two of us, then the best part was the weather in St. Petes. My buddy and I went during the early Spring season. It was almost too freezing to go in the water. My buddy and I got a smoking deal at the hotel though; Since my buddy and I weren’t in peak season nothing was sold out or bumped up in cost. The two of us agree that if my buddy and I travel anywhere in FL my buddy and I need to go in Spring or fall. Honestly the Summer season is the one people travel during but it is too boiling for us. I do not want to hit the beach in 90 degree weather. I would rather take a dip in 77 degrees if I had to pick. I do not want to risk a burn at all.


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