A furnace is a lot of work but what choice do I have?

In South Bend it gets seriously cold.

  • My family utilizes a gas furnace for most of the year.

The gas furnace is hooked up to ductwork that is stretched throughout the house. No matter what room you are in, you are getting even levels of heat. I am not sold on a furnace honestly. For Indiana winters, a furnace is probably the most common type of system. You heat the entire house and it is quite reliable. I don’t like being dependent on gas, since the price escalates a lot. I also don’t like that a furnace has quite a bit of maintenance. With a gas furnace you need to ensure you get regular heating service. Without South Bend heating service, the furnace could easily clog up with dust and this leads to a whole mess of problems. A dirty furnace can overheat. This can be lighting on fire, releasing carbon monoxide, or requiring a very expensive heater repair. It is a safety and health hazard when not appropriately cared for. Also, a furnace can easily become inefficient without regular oiling, lubricating and cleaning. This machine can quickly up the energy bill if you are negligent. I don’t like being on the hook every fall for Indiana heating service, but what else am I going to do? I have looked at the other heating options out there, and nothing can really combat our cold. So I think I might be stuck with what I got. That is not ideal. I really wished I didn’t have the service work.



South Bend Indiana furnace