Funky smell coming from my AC

For a long time anytime my cooling system ran it had a funny smell.

That was unfortunate since I live in Tuscaloosa, AL.

That means the AC system was constantly running. It smelled like a musty, wet basement. I tried spraying a cleaner. I tried mopping the floors. I also tried putting those wall plug scent things. It never seemed to help. So then I started trying to find out what was the cause of the stinky odor. I looked all around and decided it was my cooling equipment. I changed the air filter and realized that is where my expertise is done. So I got on the phone and called a Tuscaloosa AC business to get me started. The AC contractor for Alabama was really great. The guy checked every part of my AC system. He inspected the ductwork and found it clean. He looked at the outdoor unit. Then he tore up the inside unit and found the root of the problem. I had mold on my cooling coil. As the AC operated, the air was blowing over the coil and leading to that awful smell. The guy simply cleaned it up, put some vinegar through the system and it was right as rain. ACs are wet systems and clogging up with mold, mildew, algae, and other bacteria is quite normal. I know I am going to be better about Alabama AC service since I don’t want to deal with that funky odor again. I don’t want to have that wet basement smell or be breathing in mold spores. That isn’t healthy at all.


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