Mini split for my woodworking

I have recently gotten into woodworking.

I used to do it as a hobby plus now it is like a part time job, and pretty soon I am going to quit my full time job plus do this instead.

I prefer making furniture out of pieces of wood. I prefer getting custom orders in plus making them exactly what they want. It is a dream come true for me. I have seriously updated my workspace to be the perfect area to split plus shape wood. It started out in my garage plus now I have an on arena facility in my home, then the shed is not attached to the home but nearby. I invested in granite floors that are easy to scrub up. I have high ceilings to store the pieces of wood. I have several windows, two doors, plus a top of the line Heating & A/C unit, getting a ductless mini split was a game changer. I prefer that I have both heating plus cooling functions, living in Phoenix, AZ means that I use the A/C way more than the heater. I have a wireless control component that allows me to set the control component from virtually anywhere. I have a program set to begin cooling as soon as I get out of work… By the time I make it to my shed, it is totally cold plus comfortable. I also have it set on the weekends to heat once the winter time season happens. It can get down into the 40s during the winter. I don’t want to do woodworking in the cold, however with my ductless Heating & A/C option, I never have to be unforgettable.


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