NCAA Gymnastics championships are in Fort Worth this year

Honestly, it is not easy watching gymnastics on TV; I am constantly on the hunt trying to watch tumbling.

I was a gymnast all throughout high school and I did it in college. Afterwards I found that I missed seeing the sport. I do a bit on my own but I like watching the competitive side of it, however finding college gymnastics on cable isn’t easy, and there aren’t easily numerous televised events. I did find that the NCAA gymnastics championship is going to be hosted in Fort Worth, Texas this year in April. I right away got on the horn and ordered tickets. I have constantly wanted to see college gymnastic meets after being done with the sport! Seeing a championship at this level and with a bunch of schools is a dream come true! My hubby isn’t absolutely into tumbling so I had to lure him to Fort Worth for other reasons. I looked up fun things to do doing and relaxing places to eat. I found a luxury hotel where my associate and I can get massages, facials and swim in the pool. My hubby is absolutely gleeful since I have my mother watching our two women at home. So the two of us are having a little romantic weekend getaway, and we get to see the college gymnasts and hang out in Fort Worth Texas. I am absolutely gleeful to finally see the sport from the bench rather than be in the competition mindset. I think I am absolutely going to cherish it. I am thinking Fort Worth, Texas will be a great trip that my associate and I might want to repeat someday.



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