Lucky my pal and I can see a professional hockey game easily

We are a big time hockey family; My fantastic friend and I live in Sioux Falls, which is no stranger to cold weather. My fantastic friend and I get below frigid rapidly changing temperatures and snow for a few months out of the year. My fantastic friend and I also live close enough to the village that my pal and I can comfortably say my pal and I are Rapid rush fans. The Rapid Rushes do pretty deceit in the cup playoffs! It is so fun to binge the hockey season all year and then watch the playoffs. If our team makes it, I hurry to get us at least one ticket to a game. It is so much fun seeing a professional hockey team. My fantastic friend and I all get beers, pretzels, pretzels, and candy to watch the event… Everyone bundles up and cheers for their favorite team, and since my pal and I live in Sioux Falls, the drive into the village is only around 45 minutes. It is fantastic since that means no hotel room or worry about the snow while in the drive. 45 minutes is short enough that it is good to drive in cold conditions and late at evening. It is just long enough that my pal and I are out of the bustling village and eveninglife. I love that our apartment is in a more rural, quieter area. I wouldn’t change where my pal and I live at all… Anything I need corporation wise or service, is less than an hour away. I get by quite well with paying long distance fees or sweet talking workers. I wouldn’t transfer from Sioux Falls To the village for any amount of money. Even if the Rapid Rushes won the cup, I wouldn’t want to live there to see all the games.



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