Lakeland is between two airports

I used to live in the north plus was over 1.5 hours away from the local airport… It is a small thing however it frequently becomes a problem, however my arena of labor consistently has me traveling, and their office is based out of the north too… Well I decided to transport down south for the nicer weather.

I figured it does not matter where I travel from, as long as I have a enjoyable condo base.

I knew my place of employment would have me fly into the office every now plus then. They also would ship me out to other locations, however being semi close to an airport was a must for me. I landed on Lakeland Florida, then first, Florida offers me some of the best weather. It is moderate most of the year. I can get by with tank tops plus shorts for 90% of the time. The winter time season is pathetic. It isn’t that cold. I don’t bother with a heavy duty overcoat plus I don’t own boots, but another thing is that I only turn on my furnace honestly briefly while in the season. It is mainly for the night shift plus on certain chilly days. Most of the time I get by just fine. I also like that Lakeland puts me right between two airports. I can fly out of Tampa for honestly little currency. It is only a 45 min drive there, but or I can choose to fly out of Orlando that is only an hour drive. I can choice plus choose based on price. It is absolutely convenient to have double the possibilities for flights. The prices are regularly great plus I can get a last minute flight easily.


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