The Summer lasts all year in Jacksonville

My sibling was the one who brought my whole family to Jacksonville FL… We all lived up north in the cold, snow, plus ice, the hot plus cold temperatures would get down into the negative twenties, then it wasn’t that unproper to deal with cold hot plus cold temperatures on Halloween plus all the way until Easter. The Springtime season isn’t pleasant at all. It is rainy plus cold most of the time. In Jacksonville FL, the hot plus cold temperatures are the opposite. It is tepid plus humid 90% of the time. It is just so brutal to deal with. The heat sort of sticks to you plus makes it hard to breathe. In the summertime it isn’t particularly feasible to be outdoors. The winter season is like a northern summer. It is a pleasant 69 degrees plus not humid at all. That is when I get the majority of my outdoor toil done. I can trim some bushes, trees, plus mow my lawn. I can’t paint the exterior of the house. The only con is that the pleasant weather doesn’t last more than two months. I wait all year for it though, however my sibling thought he was so smart coming to FL. We all dislike the snow plus cold, how about the heat? While my whole family agrees that Jacksnville is a good place to end up, the weather isn’t particularly that much of a draw. Without proper AC, nobody could serve down here. I bet I could get by separate from a boiler if I was determined enough, then but there is no reason to do that.

geothermal heat pump in Jax Fl