Alabama is a absolutely good state

Alabama is a absolutely good state in my opinion, but you don’t hear anything too radical left or right from Alabama.

My friend and I are wholesome, put together and a happy community, i absolutely enjoy that I live in a location with such good weather too.

I could never live anywhere that is hot most of the year. I enjoy a good Summer season to cool off in the A/C and swimming in the pool, but however, I don’t want it to be all the time. In Alabama we do get a winter season season, and snow and below cold rapidly changing temperatures are rare though. In my opinion, that is the best of the winter season season; Getting cooler weather without the horrible, wet, cold snow? That is the best! My friend and I also get a nice fall and Springtime season. It is truly a four season state, then due to this I have been able to get by with a geothermal heat pump option for my Tuscaloosa home. I love that it is a yellow and energy efficient option in the Heating and Air Conditioning field! The geothermal heat pump is buried underground and takes the existing heat energy in the winter season season from there, and under the ground is much warmer than the air. That clean, fresh heat is then pumped indoors and my colder air is pumped outside. The reverse effect happens in the summer. Sure, the start-up costs were a bit much however now that I am going all year long, I am saving so much money. You can’t have geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning in any state, however in Alabama it works great.

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