I couldn’t take the heat

I spent a whole year in Phoenix, AZ for work, then i legitimately thought I would cherish the state of Arizona plus want to live there forever! Well, sadly it is just too dang warm for me, however did you know there are months on end when the weather is comfortable in the 100s? Isn’t that awful? I just can’t rest being in that kind of heat for that long, however the winter season season is barely any better.

There is no opportunity of snow, ice, plus below-chilly temperatures.

While some people like that, I miss having that second season, however basically in Phoenix, you are getting summer time plus more summer; Everything is constantly blooming, I need grass service all year around plus my cooling system contractor plus I are on a first-name basis. I was used to generators plus heaters for the season. In Arizona, it is all about AC. I never even turned on the heating function of my unit. I stuck with high-velocity A/C all year around. I basically hide indoors for half of the year. Thankfully that worked out well with my venue of work. I put in some deranged hours plus impressed a lot of people. The reality is that I just did not want to be outside. The section is gorgeous, there are hiking trails plus so much to see. I just couldn’t take the heat personally, and once work provided me a new venue to live, I jumped at the opportunity. I am just not a warm weather type of gal after all.

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