Tornados are more regular in TX

It seems like no matter where you live, there is some natural weather disaster on the horizon; For most of my life I was in New York, and it was constant talk about white out conditions, serious cold, plus ice.

On the news all winter season long was the severity of the snowstorms! People would be without power plus some people would die due to the cold; Then I went to school in Florida.

That turned into hurricanes, suddenly it was wind, rain plus flooding, however everyone would tie everything down plus prepare for house detriment! Now that I live in Plano TX it is all about tornados. The extent of my tornado know-how was the film Twister with Helen Hunt plus Bill Paxton. So I was a bit shocked that it is a real, serious thing that people are talking about. Tornados are more regular locales in TX. Plano hasn’t gotten a serious tornado hitting the section in over 20 years though. Some light winds cause some detriment, that is about it! As far as weather disasters, tornados are entirely the best. I like that it is just wind that I need to worry about. No flooding, no cold, plus no snow. I have a backup generator plus I keep my ear out for when there is a warning! But I wouldn’t say I have ever been scared when there was a tornado out, but we just don’t get hit that bad. So I think I have ended up in the best location out of all three.
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