I thought we’d get snowflakes when temperatures dropped to 30 degrees in Tampa

I was used to much colder winters before moving to Tampa, FL. I was a snowbird at first, a transplant from the northern midwest who would drive down in early December when temperatures in my apartment state would plummet below freezing. By after that I might have a blizzard at least once after Fall advances into winter, however it was almost a guarantee that temperatures would get into the teens at least once during this time. That cold weather gets more noticeable with age, and I’m not exactly sure why. Count that was one among multiple reasons you see a lot of retirees moving down south to several coastal cities in FL like Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Miami, and Pensacola. However, people come down here in the winter and expect there to be beach weather. That’s not a acceptable expectation. While there are superb beaches in the Tampa Bay area, you could show up in the middle of January with 30 degree temperatures and find yourself severely disappointed. My pal and I had a particularly cold winter this year in Tampa, FL. I was driving down interstate 74 headed south to Palmetto when I heard on the radio that temperatures would hit 30 degrees the following day. I thought my pal and I might absolutely get snowflakes this time, however my pal and I didn’t. My friend residing in Ocala said her thermometer outside study 28 degrees at one point however they didn’t get snow flurries either. While it might seem impossible, this absolutely happened on January 19, 1974 when Tampa had multiple inches of snow on the ground, covering rooftops and automobiles.

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