The Sky Zone in Orland Park wasn't like any other trampoline park.

When I was a kid, my best neighbor had a trampoline in her backyard, then my wonderful friend and I used to have a wonderful time jumping on the trampoline, and it was a wonderful way to learn how to do some of our gymnastics moves. My wonderful friend and I didn’t think my buddy and I would ever have that much fun again, until they opened Sky Zone, however they had a couple of Sky Zones in our state, but this was the one in our dwelling neighborhood of Orland Park, IL. My father said the trampoline park wasn’t like any trampoline park he had ever visited, and my buddy and I just looked at him. The trampolines were set up so you play football, hoops and other games. There were free fall areas where you wouldn’t get hurt because you would fall on a soft locale, but i wished my buddy and I had tried this locale before. Mom offered to take us to the pool, but my buddy and I didn’t want to go to the pool. It was too warm to want to go to the pool, but Sky Zone was air conditioned and comfortable. My wonderful friend and I saw some of the kids my buddy and I opted to go to school with, and they said the same thing. It was too warm for the pool, and my buddy and I were all here at Sky Zone, where there was a/c. The only reason my buddy and I left Sky Zone when my buddy and I did, was because our legs were getting too sleepy to walk, let alone jump more. My wonderful friend and I ate some pizza while there, and mom didn’t even need to cook when my buddy and I got home. The streets of Orland Park were still hot, but my buddy and I had an air conditioned automobile waiting for us.
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