Hoping for legalized weed in Florida

I moved to Florida from the northeaster a little over five years ago, My goal was to travel far enough south to escape temperatures below freezing and feet of snow.

I traveled around the state for a while, checking out the appeal of different locations.

Once I arrived in Palm Beach, I never left. The area is absolutely beautiful. While the summer heat and humidity can present some challenges, the winters are mild and short. For most of the year, the weather is sunny and pleasant. I love the palm trees and sandy beaches and have no desire to move back north. The only drawback of my home state is the lack of legal access to recreational weed. I could get my medical marijuana card, but I am hesitant to make the effort and pay the fees for something that expires in a year. I’m not sure that it’s worth it. However, I am living with a variety of medical issues that would benefit from access to cannabis. I experience frequent migraines, bouts of insomnia, noctural leg cramps, plantar fasciitis, psoriasis and flare ups of arthritis in my hands. I also suffer from anxiety from time to time. None of these conditions are severe or life-threatening. I refuse to consume any type of synthetic medicine. I am unwilling to risk long-term side-effects far worse than what I’m dealing with now. I find it ridiculous that I am allowed to buy whiskey, beer and cigarettes but am forbidden the curative benefits of plant-based medicine. CBD products don’t even cause psychoactive effects. My hope is that Florida will soon legalize recreational marijuana. A proposal to legalize weed has received enough signatures to qualify for the 2024 general election ballot. More than a million voters signed the initiative.

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