Happy with legal weed in Illinois

I waited a long time for recreational weed to be legalized in the state of Illinois.

Since January 2020, adults 21+ have been allowed to purchase, possess and consume cannabis products.

I am relieved that I no longer need to go through the hassle and expense of qualifying for an MMJ card. The card expires after a single year, forcing me to go through the process and pay the fees again. Now, I have access to any of the recreational dispensaries located anywhere across the state. Living in Orland Park, there are several nearby weedshops. I am only about a half hour’s drive from Chicago, where there are numerous larger dispensaries. I rarely make the trip. I am satisfied with the smaller, boutique shop in Orland Park. They have everything I need. I suffer from arthritis in my hands. There are times when I don’t even notice it. Now and then, the flare ups cause my knuckles to swell and become very painful. It becomes impossible to make a fist, open jars or even type on my laptop. Since my job is handled entirely by way of the computer and online access, I need my hands in good working order. Plus, the weather in Orland Park requires shoveling snow in the winter, raking leaves in the fall, pulling weeds in the spring and mowing lawn in the summer. My active lifestyle is hindered by symptoms of arthritis. I’ve found that CBD works wonders for me. I choose cannabis products with a higher CBD to THC ratio and look for those options that also provide CBN. Topicals can be applied directly to my hands for soothing relief. I purchase tinctures for fast-acting effects without dealing with smoke, ash or odors. They are discreet, simple and when stored properly, offer a long shelf-life.



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