Our plans were ruined, but we found something else fun in San Francisco

My amazing friends plus I went to an art show this past Friday night.

Every one of us were driving to the show when our car got a flat tire.

Every one of us were approximately 15 miles away from San Francisco when the flat tire occurred. I reached out to the tow company as soon as the flat tire occurred, because I knew that I didn’t have a spare in the trunk of the car! The tow company couldn’t manage to find the location where all of us were located on the side of the interstate plus all of us had to wait 3 hours for somebody to assist my friends plus I. The flat tire kept us delayed plus we actually didn’t make it to the show nearly in time. Happily, all of us didn’t buy tickets to the show so all of us didn’t lose any currency. Since all of us were in San Francisco, all of us decided to do something else fun for the evening hours. My friends plus I looked up a recreational Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco. Every one of us were honestly surprised to find several unusual locations! A few of them were in costly cities plus a few of them were closer to the area where we happened to be. My friends plus I went to a recreational Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco plus all of us spent numerous hours chilling in the lounge. Every one of us met a couple of interesting people plus all of us were able to sample a lot of unusual cannabis strains. The budtender plus side of the lounge was more than happy to let us sample every single cannabis product that they had in the store. It was a thrilling experience considering all of us missed the art show.


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