Needing a dehumidifier in Lakeland

I’ve had complaints with condensate running down the window panes and rotting the sills.

I love the warm weather, bright sunshine and blue skies of Lakeland, Florida. I’d never want to trade the palm trees, orange trees and the waterfront for snow and cold. However, the humidity associated with summers in Lakeland can be brutal. When the temperature is in the low eighties, the conditions often feel like temperatures in the triple digits because of the excess moisture. The humidity makes spending time outdoors very unpleasant. The second I step out the door, I start to sweat profusely. The moisture can also be problematic indoors. High humidity levels make the air feel warmer, and it’s always tempting to lower the thermostat. This requires the air conditioner to run longer, work harder and use more energy. I pay higher electric bills without solving the problem. Over-cooling doesn’t get rid of the moisture. The abundance of moisture can be blamed for headaches, insomnia, sore throat, congestion, lethargy and all sorts of health issues. Hot, moist condiitons are the perfect environment for mold, mildew, bacteria, cockroaches and dust mites to thrive. Excess humidity threatens the integrity of wood furnishings such as floors, doors, moldings and antiques, causing them to bulge and warp. I’ve actually mound mildew on my leather purses and shoes. I’ve had complaints with condensate running down the window panes and rotting the sills. For anyone living in Lakeland, a whole-home dehumidifier is a good idea. The accessory incorporates into the central air conditioner and pulls moisture out of the air as it passes through the system. By removing moisture, the dehumidifier provides a more comfortable and healthier living environment.


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