A fan of the Jax Jaguars

Living in Jacksonville, FL, I have become a dedicated fan of the Jaguars… EverBank Stadium is the household of the professional NFL team! The stadium is well-known for it’s beautiful architecture and certain features, however when it initially opened in 1995, it was called Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

Over the years, the arena had seen various name-fluctuations.

It settled on TIAA Bank Field in 2010, It was designed to host NFL games and a variety of major athletic hobbying events. With a seating capacity of over 67,000, it is one of the largest stadiums in the state. One of its modern innovations includes the World’s Largest Video Boards. There are genuinely two gigantic video boards, and each one is sixty feet high and more than three hundred feet wide. This state-of-the-art video display offers an amazing viewing experiencing, making sure that the fans never miss action on the field. The stadium is also outfitted with a pair of swimming pools and twenty canabans. There is nothing quite like enjoying the game from a poolside seat or while lounging in the water. The pools are popular for private parties and corporate events… Another attraction is the Clevelander Deck, where fans can live it up with a readily available supply of food, drinks and live entertainment. Along with hosting everything from professional to school football games and live concerts, the stadium has a positive impact on the Jacksonville community. Ever event brings tourists into the town and generates significant income. There are plenty of task opportunities, and a beneficial stimulation for local businesses. While the Jacksonville Jaguars have won four division titles, I’m still waiting for them to make it to the Super Bow.


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