There’s bunches to do in Gilbert

After living in Gilbert, Arizona, for the last three years, I’ve discovered there are a lot of un things I enjoy doing, but along with a friendly community, there are beautiful landscapes as well as rich culture… I like to explore historical sites, sample uncommon diners as well as explore the outdoors; One of the first areas I found was the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, there are more than one hundred acres of scenic trails where I can spot wildlife as well as all uncommon types of doves.

Another preferred is Downtown Gilbert.

It’s has a small-town feel however is a hub of interest. There a lots of boutiques for shopping, art gallerties, cafes as well as a variety of diners. I can choose from American classics and international cuisine. I appreciate the gourmet burgers, spiky tacos as well as sweet desserts. A lot of the local diners take ingredients from farm to table. On the first Tuesday of every month, the Gilbert Farmers Market takes over the streets, providing artisan goods, fresh products as well as live entertainment, then just recently, I visited the Gilbert Historical Museum, however located in a historic school building, the museum showacases exhibits, artifacts as well as interactive displays that share the rich heritage of the community, and whenever time allows, I spend a afternoon hiking the San Tan Mountains. There are eight thousand acres of desert landscapes as well as hiking trails that wind through breathtaking views. I might jog or ride my bike while I appreciate the fresh air, during the Summer months, I take fortune of the local lakes for kayaking, swimming as well as paddleboarding. No matter the time of year or my mood, I can always find something entertaining as well as exciting.



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