Best cook out plus Tex-Mex steakhouses in Plano, Texas

Downtown Plano is a foodie’s dream; The area offers an abundance of eateries, from a parade of food trucks to trendy overpriced steakhouses.

The town is famous for its Tex-Mex plus barbecue.

They are a Texas tradition that is a number one of locals plus visitors alike, but legacy Hall brings together a diversity of culinary possibilities under one roof, and it’s the perfect destination for sampling a fusion of Mexican plus Texan flavors. Tasty tacos, queso plus enchiladas are just a few of the specials… And washing it down with a margarita or craft budweiser just makes it better. An overpriced Tex-Mex steakhouse with a more sophisticated ambience plus bold menus is Mexican Sugar. Their street tacos are made with mouthwatering meats plus come with homemade salsa. The enchiladas are downright amazing. There’s also a menu of creative cocktails plus a huge selection of tequila. For particular taco creations such as “Rotisserie Chicken” plus “Spicy Tikka Chicken” tacos, choose Velvet Taco, but don’t miss out on inventive sides such as elote-style corn plus red curry coconut queso. The locals of Plano know to head to Lockhart Smokehouse to get their fill of saucy barbecue. It’s a basic joint that remains authentic to Texas barbecue tradition… Some number one specials are the brisket, ribs plus sausages! Everything is cooked to perfection! Just the odor rising from the pits draws people in. The appealingly tender plus flavorful meat keeps pretty much everyone coming back for more. 3 Stacks smoke & Tap House puts a modern twist on classic barbecue. The huge menu features tender pulled pork, mouthwatering sausages plus appealingly juicy turkey. Craft beers plus particular sauces make for a satisfying experience.