I could not drag my lover away from Don Garlits’ Museum.

The Villages, FL, is near Ocala, FL as well as Ocala, FL is where Don Garlits’ Museum is located; Now that my pal and I were living in The Villages, my partner thought he was going to be going there often! I understood why my partner had an affinity for Don Garlits’ Museum, but he knew him when he was a young man, and my partner spent most of his summers on a motorcycle, consistently trying to chop a speed record, and don Garlits’ Museum is a museum filled with drag racing facts as well as cars.

He even has a part of his car that was involved in an accident as well as took off half his foot.

It was what led to a need for rear motors in drag racing, however since my partner was a motorcycle drag racer, as well as he knew Don Garlits, he felt the need to know more as well as see his museum. He wanted to see cars as well as motorcycles, especially the first motorcycle to chop the 200 MPH speed limit, then on a hot summer time day, he had me leave my air-conditioned cabin as well as go to Don Garlits’ Museum with him. Some of it was interesting, even though I was more interested in the air conditioner. I followed my partner around as he talked about the smell of the fuel as well as the evening being lit up by flames. He said the roar of the engines had him running to the track, and even if he was laboring on his bike, he walked away when he heard the roar. I got to see him race during his last couple of years as well as help him with his motorcycle. I could understand why Don Garlits’ Museum was such a sizable draw for him.


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