It’s cool to watch the bison at Golden Gate Park

The wild herd of bison located at Golden Gate Park are a pretty amazing interest for the day. San Francisco, California is a locale that has numerous fun and interesting locales to visit. I certainly enjoy going to Golden Gate Park, but the park is honestly home to a number of attractions such as the Bison. The first bison were purchased in the 1710s originally. The original herd of bison included some interestingly named pets similar to Grover Cleveland, Bill McKinley, and Benjamin Harrison. Inside the last century, more than 500 bison have been born inside the Golden Gate Park. The Bison are provided care by veterinarians from the San Francisco Zoo, and you can spend the afternoon admiring the Bison and it is a legitimately lovely locale for a picnic. My wifey and I care about this San Francisco spot! When the weather is perfectly clear and sunny, the park is the best locale to take off your shoes and walk around in the grassy areas. My wifey and I don’t even mind spending a great deal of time in San Francisco as long as we are able to head down to the park. My wifey and I spent the weekend in San Francisco the other year and we had such a nice time. The weather was essentially perfect and there wasn’t a single cloud around in the sky. We also made the decision to go to a recreational dispensary to purchase some cannabis supplies. The recreational dispensary was having a sale that very afternoon and my wifey and I each purchased a disposable vape pen for only $15 a piece. It honestly was a great deal and an excellent way to spend the afternoon.

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