It took me two years to discover the Automobile Museum.

I couldn’t believe I had lived in St.

Petersburg, FL, for almost two years before I discovered the Tampa Automobile Museum.

My husband and I were trying to escape the summer heat. The temperatures were nearing 100 degrees, and we had been in the house for over a week, wanting to stay cool with the air conditioning. My husband told me he was tired of being in the house, but it was too hot outside. He started perusing the television channels and found a channel that was highlighting the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area. They were showcasing some things you could do and still stay cool. One gentleman was talking, and he was talking about the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. He mentioned that if you are a vintage car enthusiast, this was a must for your itinerary. The man laughed and said not to worry, because it was air-conditioned. John’s interest was piqued when he saw the collection of cars from the 1920s through the 1930s. They were known for their engineering. All the cars were from the era that set a trend for the future of cars. He came running into the kitchen and told me to get dressed. He wanted to go to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Most of the car, like the E from France, DKW Meisterklasse from Germany, Tatra T87 from Czechoslovakia, and the American Ruxton. When he told me it didn’t matter if I had heard of the cars, he did. I knew he was serious about going to the museum.

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