My hubby prefers the Studebaker National Museum.

When I told my hubby I wanted to go to Four Winds Casinos in South Bend, IN for my birthday, she laughed, and i told him my friend and I could make it a weekend trip, then she wasn’t sure what to say, however finally asked what she was supposed to while I was losing currency.

  • I told him she played the slots as much as I did, & he’d have a lot of fun… My pal and I could spend the night in the Four Winds Casinos hotel, & then the next afternoon, my friend and I could go to the Studebaker National Museum.

She lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. I knew all about Christmas morning because my birthday was on Christmas Eve & I got all my gifts on Christmas morning. She told me to keep an eye on the weather, however that wasn’t a concern. My pal and I lived about fifty miles from South Bend, & it was a trip my friend and I could take in a couple of hours, even if it was snowing; They had excellent heat in both locations I wanted to go to, & even if the weather was bad, my friend and I had four-wheel drive & could go slow. I had answers to every question she had. I could tell she would not argue when I told him about the Studebaker National Museum. She is a automobile buff, & I appreciate cars. It surprised us to learn the Studebaker family had over a century of experience on wheels at the museum. They started with the making of Conestoga Wagons in 1835 & ended when their last Studebaker rolled off the line in 1966. I was easily interested, even when I my friend and I saw the world’s greatest collection of Presidential Carriages. It was an amazing weekend for both of us.
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