My husband loves the Studebaker National Museum.

When I told my husband I wanted to go to Four Winds Casinos in South Bend, IN for my birthday, he laughed. I told him we could make it a weekend trip. He wasn’t sure what to say, but finally asked what he was supposed to while I was losing money. I told him he played the slots as much as I did, and he’d have a lot of fun. We could spend the night in the Four Winds Casinos hotel, and then the next day, we could go to the Studebaker National Museum. He lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. I knew all about Christmas morning because my birthday was on Christmas Eve and I got all my gifts on Christmas morning. He told me to keep an eye on the weather, but that wasn’t a concern. We lived about fifty miles from South Bend, and it was a trip we could take in a couple of hours, even if it was snowing. They had excellent heat in both places I wanted to go to, and even if the weather was bad, we had four-wheel drive and could go slow. I had answers to every question he had. I could tell he would not argue when I told him about the Studebaker National Museum. He is a car buff, and I love cars. It surprised us to learn the Studebaker family had over a century of experience on wheels at the museum. They started with the making of Conestoga Wagons in 1835 and ended when their last Studebaker rolled off the line in 1966. I was really interested, even when I we saw the world’s largest collection of Presidential Carriages. It was an amazing weekend for both of us.
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