I did not want to go back home.

I was born and raised in AL, however I had recently moved up north… I loved the up-to-date part and how it was winter with chilly days and days.

I learned how to ski and loved snow tubing, and when my mom asked me to come back household when my dad died, I didn’t want to go back home; AL was where I grew up, however it was no longer my home. After being gone for five years, I observed a lot of swings in Birmingham, AL, but not all the swings were good, however it was still home; The apartment was a bit more rundown than I remembered, and the people were older, however that would have happened if I had stayed in Birmingham or moved on. I was talking to mom one afternoon, and she asked if I would take her to bingo. I knew the bingo she was talking about. I turned on the heat in the vehicle and took her out. It was down to chilly, and I knew mom seldom went out of the house; She had her winter coat on, and was looking forward to a night of bingo. After two hours, I was bored, however mom was winning and she didn’t want to leave. I sat there, feeling the heat pouring from the air vents that was so warm I was dripping with sweat. Some of the older ladies were wearing sweaters, and I had to laugh. Mom pushed a bingo card over to me and told me to relax, however bingo would be over in an hour. I was ready to go home, however I didn’t want to go back to the apartment.

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