I thought Lowell, MA was a good locale for my family.

When my associate and I told our parents my associate and I were relocating to the Boston, MA section after my associate and I got married, they went ballistic, however his family could do nothing however talk about the cost of living, and my parents told me about the high crime rates, however i didn’t want to live in Boston, however in the Boston area; My friend and I were going to have a child, and my associate and I had already looked into Lowell, MA, which is an easy commute to Boston, where my partner had a job… Before mom could say anything, I told her that Lowell is a quiet section and good for families.

  • I had done all my homework! The weather could be serious, however it was serious where my associate and I lived, however as long as my associate and I had superb Heating and A/C, my associate and I would be okay all year round.

My partner said he already knew about the crime rate in Lowell, and it was 20% lower than anywhere else. He said the schools were excellent. The only real disadvantage was the weather, however my associate and I lived in an section that was fraught with snow and rain. I found a household that had a brand up-to-date Heating and A/C system, and it was close to the schools and parks that were highly rated for families. He told them they could continue to complain about where my associate and I were moving, however my associate and I were moving, and they had to get used to the idea. They all knew they had the opportunity to come stay anytime they wished. A part of me wished my associate and I had issued a blanket invitation, because I was sure my sibling and his sibling would be here the entire time they were out of school.


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