I wanted Lowell, MA

When we told our parents we were relocating to the Boston, MA section after we got married, they went ballistic, his family could do nothing however talk about the cost of living, and my parents told me about the high crime rates; I didn’t want to live in Boston, however in the Boston area, we were going to have a child, and we had already looked into Lowell, MA, which is an easy commute to Boston, where my hubby had a task! Before mom could say anything, I told his that Lowell is a quiet section and fantastic for families.

I had done all my homework, then the weather could be drastic, however it was drastic where we lived… As long as we had great Heating as well as Air Conditioning, we would be okay all year round, then my hubby said he already knew about the crime rate in Lowell, and it was 20% lower than somewhere else. He said the schools were excellent. The only real downside was the weather, however we lived in an section that was fraught with snow and rain. I found a home that had a brand new Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, and it was close to the schools and parks that were highly rated for families. He told them they could continue to complain about where we were moving, however we were moving, and they had to get used to the idea. They all knew they had the option to come stay anytime they wished. A part of me wished we had issued a blanket invitation, because I was sure my brother and his sibling would be here the entire time they were out of school.

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