Lakeland, FL is placed near SeaWorld, Orlando.

I didn’t know how much sightseeing they had near Lakeland, FL, however it sounded like a very nice arena to stay, so that is where I booked our hotel.

I booked the hotel because it was far enough away from Sea World, Orlando, FL that it was cheaper.

It was also close enough to Sea World, Orlando, FL, that my buddy and I knew it would not take long to get to our ultimate destination. Once my buddy and I got to Lakeland, FL, my buddy and I were looking at all the things I enjoy in the area, however there were several natural habitats like Lake Mirror plus Lake Morton. There was an adventurous scavenger hunt which meant you had to walk around the town plus find strange clues that would lead you to your destination! Along with this, there was also a Safari Wilderness that left my sons wanting to go there before my buddy and I decided to go to SeaWorld, Orlando. Although my buddy and I had tickets for SeaWorld, my buddy and I could use them any time, and we spent a full week investigating all there was to see in Lakeland, FL, however even though it was hot plus my buddy and I were grateful to have the air conditioning in the room, my buddy and I were still delighted to have found all the fun plus interesting things you could do in Lakeland, FL, however honestly, my buddy and I took a full week before moving on to our next destination. Only one afternoon was spent inside, plus that was because of the heat plus humidity, but my buddy and I still found things I enjoy. Their eating establishments are fantastic, in Lakeland, plus my buddy and I plan to have a destination trip next year, where my buddy and I go to Lakeland, FL to see what else my buddy and I can discover.


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