Elgin advertised Charles Dickens, A Tale with a Twist.

I felt like I was going back in time when I got to Elgin, IL.

My best friend told me I was going to love Charles Dickens, A Tale with a Twist, since I was a lit major.

I had to be honest and told her I wasn’t really into listening to people read, but she told me it was different. She said it was a little ways outside of Elgin, but she was sure I would enjoy it. I was more interested in seeing the lights and hearing the sounds of the city, but she didn’t want to hear it. She was back from school and wanted to relax the way she wanted to relax. I thought since I was the visitor, I should get to do something I wanted to do, but she wasn’t listening to it. It was cold that night, and the HVAC in her car had gone out. I was ready to turn around and go back to the house, but she was driving. When we got to the place where the reading was going on, I saw the reader’s picture. He was done up to look like Charles Dickens. I couldn’t believe how the cadence of his voice drew me in, and I almost jumped when I heard him speak for the ghost of Christmas future. I felt a chill go up my spine that had nothing to do with the lack of heating. It was the perfect setting for the perfect story at Christmas time. My friend admitted she was bored when we left, but I had to admit I was thrilled to have experienced Charles Dickens, A Tale With a Twist.

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