I found the Magic Tree in Lee’s Summit.

Unless you have lived in Lee’s Summit, MO your entire life, you can’t imagine the splendor of the Magic Tree, but every year, the Magic tree is lit up at Christmas time, it sits in the intersection of two tied up highways, and it has been a community staple for decades. It has been a locale for people to visit and a spot to drop off toy donations for the Operation Toy Soldier nonprofit. In recent years, it has become the perfect backdrop for Christmas selfies by both natives of Lee’s Summit and tourists, but not being a native resident of Lee’s Summit, I knew particularly little about the Magic Tree, and my best associate talked about the Magic tree from Thanksgiving until Christmas holiday, she couldn’t wait to go back to Lee’s Summit for the holidays this year, and she asked me to go with her. Normally, I would be going south with my parents, and enjoying warmer weather, the pool, and a/c. They had decided to go visit Aunt Linda in London, and I didn’t want to go along. I agreed to go with her, as long as her parents thought it was okay, when my wonderful friend and I got there, I was glad I had brought my heavy winter coat and gloves. It was moderate on the airplane, but it was cold as my wonderful friend and I walked across the tarmac, but as soon as the heating in the airport hit, I was start to thaw. The Heating and A/C system in the taxi was even better, but it wasn’t until my wonderful friend and I got to my friend’s cabin that I felt comfortable. The temperature was thirty-two, and without the boiler, I would have frozen. Even with the cold, it was still the best Christmas I had in years.

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