I visited Jax zoo.

One of the few places I had never visited while in Florida, was the Jacksonville zoo. My daughter told me it wasn’t the largest zoo, however it would be fun for the women, so my buddy and I headed out, then i was used to our zoo back where I lived, and there were places all over the zoo where you could get under shade plus it would be a lot cooler; Jacksonville zoo had a lot of shaded areas, however it didn’t help to escape the heat plus humidity of summer. I felt like I was going to get sick from the heat, despite the fact that I wasn’t going to tell my daughter that. It was getting close to dinner time, plus I simply said I needed to get some dinner, then she started toward an part where you could hotpets, hamburgers plus other things, plus I was sure she was going to request my buddy and I eat at one of the picnic tables. I grabbed my granddaughter’s hand plus pointed to the small restaurant where she could watch the creatures while my buddy and I ate. It advertised air conditioning on the window, plus I already knew I was going to rest inside while my buddy and I ate. My friend and I hadn’t even finished our dinner when my youngest granddaughter yawned. She said she was sleepy plus asked if my buddy and I could go back to my daughter’s house. I couldn’t tell her no. She was only six plus needed to get out of the heat plus humidity at Jacksonville Zoo. My daughter wasn’t ecstatic, despite the fact that I was the one who paid the entrance fee for all of us, plus I paid for dinner, but all she had to do was drive us to the zoo plus back to her house.

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