Portland traffic can be a nightmare in the day

The traffic in Portland can be a immense mess in the day… I do not like having to drive all the way from Troutdale to Portland, however my task is located in the neighborhood and it’s way too valuable to live near the river. One thing I enjoy a lot about Portland is the fact that you can see Mount Hood in the distance. During the winter, I enjoy to take some time and go skiing. I only get 2 weeks of holiday from my task right now, so I try to take both of them during the winter, and the rest of the time I have to deal with traffic and all of the concerns that come from commuting back and forth to work. I often have stress and anxiety in the day, so I take a couple of marijuana edibles before I go to work in the day. I have to take medicine for my heart and my blood pressure and I also have to take medicine to make sure that I have the right vitamins and minerals in my body. In addition to all of these medicines, I also have a couple of marijuana edibles. I constantly choose a sativa in the day, because sativas do not make me feel sleepy. I tried to purchase the same brands that I know work well, because some sativa marijuana edibles still make me feel drowsy. I save the ones that I know will work for the day drive and commute. I am genuinely thankful to live in Portland where recreational marijuana is easy to obtain.