I had to empty out my suitcase

My roommate plus I decided to go to Denver for the weekend, then there was a band playing at a locale plus both of us wanted to go.

  • Tickets to the concert were inupscale, but we had to take an airplane to Denver, because we live about 4 hours away, and it was much easier to fly than to try to drive, but while my friends plus I were in Denver, we decided to hit up some of the cool tourist plus recreational spots, and one of those sites is the recreational plus medical marijuana shop! My friends plus I had to visit the recreational plus medical marijuana shop while in Denver.

I purchased some edibles plus a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, and at the end of the trip, I still had a couple of pre-rolls left in my basket plus I didn’t want to get rid of them. I thought I would try to sneak them onto the airplane. I made sure to wrap up the items with plenty of paper so they would not attract a immense amount of attention. I actually thought that would be enough to keep the dogs from stinking the marijuana products. That did not keep them away from the marijuana or the bag. I had to empty out my suitcase plus sit plus talk to the police for 15 minutes. They threatened to take me to jail, but they only confiscated the marijuana in the basket plus told me to have a wonderful day. I bet a hundred people everyday try to sneak marijuana out of recreational states.

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