I love using the delivery option

The weather in Seattle can be quite decrucial, because it is easily cold, wet, plus dreary, seattle is located close to Puget Sound plus miles away from the Pacific ocean, then the town has superb views of the water plus on a clear day you can even see mount rainier.

Seattle has mild plus wet winters… During the winter, I hate to leave my apartment… I tried to get everything delivered, which is a lot easier now, but before the coronavirus hit, it was difficult to get anything delivered except Chinese food, pizza, plus the occasional sub location, and when covid hit plus most people had to stay home, shops started to offer delivery services.

The bakery, the dry cleaner, plus even the grocery store delivered to my home! Now there is not a location around here that does not offer some type of delivery service. I can have everything delivered right to my front door including recreational marijuana, recreational marijuana has been legal in Seattle for more than 10 years. There are licensed retail marijuana shops located all over the town plus many of these establishments offer free delivery. I can get marijuana delivered to my dwelling in less than an hour or two from at least five or six different locations in the city. It’s easily easy to order online, because the website is set up for dummies. I can particularly add items to the cart plus the checkout process is faster than ever. When it’s chilly plus wet plus I do not want to leave the house, I use the delivery choice for all of my Seattle recreational marijuana needs.



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