The lawn service employee smelled like marijuana

I don’t know how I feel about all of the residents around here being able to use medical marijuana products.

I know that it is supposed to help with chronic pain and PTSD and things like that, but it wasn’t that long ago when the just say no initiative was in full force.

I was not in favor of the law changing and now there is nothing that I can do. I had a lawn service employee that was here on Monday and the guy smelled exactly like marijuana. I wanted to say something to the employee or the manager, but I remembered that medical marijuana is legal in Philadelphia and the entire state of pennsylvania. There are several different medical marijuana dispensaries located in and around Philadelphia. Many of the locations are located downtown and in the city, but I live up in the hills. I’m not used to smelling marijuana and being around substances like that. I decided not to say anything at all to the lawn service employee or the manager, but I called the place and I canceled all of my services. I will look for a different place in Philadelphia that has employees that have been drug tested and background checked. I don’t want to take any chances at all when there are going to be people moving around inside of the gated property.