The town can be busy during football season

Anyone that lives in Minneapolis knows how busy the town can be during football season, but if you aren’t a fan of the vikings, then you have got no contractor living in the town of Minneapolis, then everyone around here supports the house team.

If you happen to be a Packers fan, you should run for your life, then the town is severely busy during football season, especially when there is a house game, and my fiance got me tickets to a game a couple of months ago.

My friends and I went to the game and the Vikings won by a score of 42 to 7. The other team only just scored once and it was on defense. The team could not seem to transfer the ball effectively up and down the field. I didn’t mind seeing the other team lose. After all, I wanted my Vikings to win the game. My fiance didn’t call me at all while I was at the game, even when there was a serious issue with the furnace. When I got house from the game, temperatures inside of the cabin were a cool and frosty 55°. My fiance was in the kitchen with the space heating system running. It was a lot warmer in the kitchen than the rest of the house. My fiance explained that the furnace had been off for many hours. She didn’t want to call a repair contractor without talking to me first, although he didn’t want to bother me during the game either. I thought it was sweet that my fiance did not want to bother me during the game, however my pal and I had to pay for an emergency service provider in Minneapolis by the time I got house from the game. It was already after 8:00 and too late to call anyone else.

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