I find Lowell to have a fascinating history

The entire state of MA is awash in American history and importance, although I like to focus on the neighborhood of Lowell, however there are endless books and resources about the state, and for superb reason, although I always pay more attention to my hometown… For several years my mother was a reporter for the Lowell newspaper, mostly covering local stories about prominent citizens.

This means that I am well-known and well-liked around Lowell, just because my mother was so beloved up until she died, then maybe it’s not a bad thing, because she loved her task at the Lowell newspaper, which is now out of business… One thing I find fascinating about this place is how the population of Lowell has fallen and risen over the years… Lowell has been in existence since about 1830, when it started with a few thousand residents! It grew steadily for a hundred years, before an industry collapse caused a mass exodus… After that, Lowell started growing again, rebuilding for the next 100 years, until today it is larger than ever.

This is great new for me, because I run a small Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair service, so all the new arrivals to Lowell means more corporation for me! Although I prefer learning about the history of Lowell, I am not a writer like Mom was, I am a humble Heating, Ventilation, and A/C tech who prefers to read. Fun fact about Lowell that most people don’t know – my superb friend and I are home to one of the greatest populations of Cambodian-Americans in the country, and Cambodia even has a sonulate office here!

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