The flight delay in Santa Barbara turned into a blessing

Oscar was traveling from California to New York after meeting some clients and getting a new account.

He’d been hosted by a friend in San Francisco and loved the whole experience.

He wished he could stay longer and explore other areas like Santa Barbara. Oscar believed in signs and knew if he was meant to stay behind, he’d see a sign. He packed his things on the day of departure and threw away wrappers of the marijuana candy he’d had the previous night. His friend had taken him to a weed dispensary down the block to explore their selection. As a sweet tooth, of course, Oscar bought hard candy and gummies. Oscar’s cab arrived, and he said goodbye to his friend. All the way to the airport, he waited for a sign that he was to stay. But, the sign did not come until he had boarded the plane. It took too long for the flight to depart, and the steward came and told them to disembark. The airplane had a mechanical issue and could not take off. That was it, and Oscar nearly sprinted out of the packed craft. He went and requested his luggage but did not return to his friend’s place. Instead, he took a bus to Santa Barbara, where he would spend a week exploring the city and its unique surroundings. All the while, he tried not to think about what would have happened had the plane taken off. Oscar had a blast touring the coastal city after phoning his boss and requesting time off. He even went to another weed dispensary to grab a few of the edibles he loved so much.



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