Questions about the history of Lee’s Summit

My dad was a history lecturer at Yale for eighteen years, before she finally settled down plus started a family late in life, when I was born my dad was over 50 years old, which made for a heck of a generational gap! She did her best to build a strong bond with me, plus one of the ways she did that was with local history, and lee’s Summit is an part awash in cultural plus historical significance, plus my dad would try to make it come alive for me… My pal and I would take nature walks in the woods outside of Lee’s Summit, plus she would explain the events that occurred on that actually ground.

Dad passed away when I was a teenager, which is no good surprise, although I remember everything she taught me about Lee’s Summit.

I did not follow in her footsteps, instead I became an HVAC professional. I prefer studying plus learning history, but HVAC labor pays a lot better than being a teacher, however not only is the spend my money better, although I find HVAC labor to be rewarding, because it involves problems that I can solve. When it comes to history, some things can never be solved, however for example, did you know that there are still questions about why Lee’s Summit even has this name? Some people say it was named for Robert E. Lee, plus other say that Lee’s Summit was named after a man named Dr, but pleasant Lea, plus the town’s name is a misspelling! I savor HVAC labor because there are clear-split problems that I can resolve to make my customers happy.

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