I moved away from Birmingham because of the heat

There are a lot of fun plus interesting sites in Birmingham! One of my favorite sites is the national sea life center, but it has a lot of weird marine life like jellyfish, sea turtles, plus sharks.

  • It has lots of cool plus fun experiences for people of all ages.

I also care about going to the Birmingham botanical gardens, this lovely location has more than 15 acres of diverse plants plus tropical species. It is a great location to have a picnic, then my wifey plus I used to go to this location in Birmingham every weekend when my buddy and I were together. I lived in Birmingham for about 6 months, but I had to move when I realized that that heat was too much for me. The Summer months in Birmingham are seriously hot plus humid plus there is no break from the heat unless you run the a/c 24 hours a day. It cost a lot of money to run the air conditioner all of the time. I tried difficult to keep the temperature set at 77°, but that still made it feel like I was burning up inside of my site. I came to the understanding that I could not live in Birmingham because of the heat plus humidity plus the cost for a/c. I moved numerous hours north of the city, where I care about four weird plus unique seasons, and sometimes I miss Birmingham, AL, like when I believe about my wifey, then fortunately there are lots of nice people around here that could be my next mate.

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