A shocking moment from the history of South Bend

Over the course of my short but dramatic work in the HVAC industry, I suppose I have gotten to know South Bend pretty well; This is a town where it is easy to settle down plus make friends, because everyone is so friendly, and as a history buff, I love to ask questions to my customers, especially the older ones, but now that I own my own corporation I have people who handle the work for me, however occasionally I go on a apartment call for a furnace repair plus let my guys do all the work while I just chat with the client plus ask questions about their history in South Bend.

There are a lot of resources that chronicle the past of the South Bend area, but I like hearing the stories that aren’t in the history books.

Were you aware of the incident in which Notre Dame students fought back against the KKK plus their incursion into South Bend? It makes me proud to be a South Bend resident, I tell you that. When the KKK threatened the fine people of South Bend, the mostly-Catholic student body started to fight back, unmasking the evil racist men plus making a huge public commotion. Notre Dame may be fantastic at athletic interests, but their history of fighting for justice in South Bend is what I legitimately appreciate. At one of my latest HVAC repair jobs I spoke to an seasoned person who said he was there at the time, plus gave me keen insight into one of South Bend’s most brilliant plus historical moments.



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