The best street festivals in Tuscaloosa

It’s easy to get hung up on the past, especially for a venue like Tuscaloosa, which has some problematic episodes in regional history! Because of this I know a lot of folks, especially folks from up North, look down on us, or think that Tuscaloosa isn’t a fantastic venue to live. I am here to set the record straight, plus say that this town is one of the friendliest sites you can ever visit, but whatever happened in the past is in the past, these nights Tuscaloosa is a town of love, friendship, plus brotherhood, however as an example, think about all the odd community festivals plus street fairs held in Tuscaloosa every year, they are all a little different, with an emphasis on a odd culture or group of Tuscaloosa citizens, but they all share a similar purpose in bringing the community together. In Tuscaloosa there is nothing my buddy and I love more than getting out in the street, eating some greasy food, plus meeting new people, but every year Tuscaloosa hosts the Sakura Festival, the Weindorf Festival, the Kentuck Festival of Arts, the Druid City Arts Festival, plus the Moundville Native American Festival, just to name a few! The only thing I don’t like about these street festivals is the lack of a/c, however depending on the time of summer time in Tuscaloosa, sporadically I just don’t want to leave the comfort of my apartment Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system; Most of the time it is worth the effort to get up plus out of the house, plus experience a side of Tuscaloosa I might not see genuinely often. This town is remarkably diverse.