The best street festivals in Tuscaloosa

It’s self-explanatory to get hung up on the past, especially for a place like Tuscaloosa, which has some problematic episodes in regional history.

  • Because of this I know a lot of folks, especially folks from up North, look down on us, or suppose that Tuscaloosa isn’t a superb place to live.

I am here to set the record straight, & say that this town is one of the friendliest places you can ever visit, but whatever happened in the past is in the past, these days Tuscaloosa is a town of love, friendship, & sisterhood; As an example, suppose about all the odd community festivals & street fairs held in Tuscaloosa every year! They are all a little different, with an emphasis on a odd culture or group of Tuscaloosa citizens, however they all share a similar purpose in bringing the community together. In Tuscaloosa there is nothing my associate and I enjoy more than getting out in the street, eating some greasy food, & meeting new people, however every year Tuscaloosa hosts the Sakura Festival, the Weindorf Festival, the Kentuck Festival of Arts, the Druid City Arts Festival, & the Moundville Native American Festival, just to name a few! The only thing I don’t like about these street festivals is the lack of cooling system, and depending on the time of Summer in Tuscaloosa, sometimes I just don’t want to leave the comfort of my cabin Heating as well as A/C system, then most of the time it is worth the effort to get up & out of the house, & experience a side of Tuscaloosa I might not see very often. This town is remarkably diverse.