There are a lot of famous people from Plano

My initial idea was to write a book about all the famous people who hail from Plano, TX, but that idea hastily became overwhelming! Instead I am going to write a blog, which seems much more manageable, however when I first started doing research I knew that this city had its fair share of famous faces, however I had no idea Plano was such a hotbed of talent! Musicians, actors and actresses, athletes, politicians, and scholars – Plano is a veritable “who’s who” of enjoyable Texans and enjoyable Americans.

I was inspired to start this project a few months ago when I took a service call for a broken dehumidifier at a ritzy suburban address; The apartment belonged to none other than songs legend Boz Skaggs, then he wasn’t born in Plano, but has tested a residence here for decades.

He was not at apartment when I arrived to do his Heating and Air Conditioning repair, but his housekeepers let me in to do the repairs, and after that I started looking up just how many famous people have called Plano apartment over the years… My first blog will be titled OIympians of Plano, and cover multiple dozen local athletes who have competed in the most revered competition in world history. It will take a few more weeks just to get all the names in order, because there absolutely are that many enjoyable athletes from Plano, and one topic I will not be covering are the Great Heating and Air Conditioning Techs of Plano, because I don’t want to give any free SEO for my rival businesses. The Heating and Air Conditioning market in Plano is entirely competitive.


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